Discover the capital exchange in your serverless applications

Get information on the flow of capital within a transaction and even profitability of smaller features within a transaction.

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Make decisions based on application costs

Compare the costs of your current and available serverless components and see if there are less expensive and more efficient ones on the market.

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Designed to help you discover flow and profitability bottlenecks.


See your Capital Flow

Get insight into the capital flow of your transactions, feature costs and profitability


Find & Compare

Find identical or similar features, or smaller components, and compare their costs.


Build in-house vs Outsource

Get insight if you should build a feature in-house or just deploy an already available component.

Gain strategic advantage with Wardley Maps

Wardley Maps describe the landscape in which your business operates. Using them with CapitalFlow, you'll exactly know which application components are your technical debt, what to focus on with your team and what should you outsource.

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